Group Members

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Principal Investigator

Michael Bonner

Assistant professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Colin Conwell

PostDoc, started Aug 2023

Emalie McMahon

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Raj Magesh Gauthaman

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Kelsey Han

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Yash Mehta

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Zirui Chen

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Ananya Passi

PhD Student, Cognitive Science

Atlas Kazemian

Lab Manager

Bsc / Master students

Keaton Townley

MA student

Tailai Shen

MA student

Delilah Catron

MA student

Yingqi Rong

MA student


Alon Hafri

PostDoc the Bonner Lab 2019 - 2021
Current Role:
Assistant Professor, UoDelaware

Eric Elmoznino

Lab Manager of Bonner Lab Jan 2018 to June 2022
Current Role:
PhD student with Yoshua Bengio at MILA

Donald Li

PhD student in the Bonner Lab May 2019 to June 2021
Current Role:
Visiting Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins

Caterina Magri

PostDoc in the Bonner Lab December 2019 to February 2021
Current Role:
Quant UX researcher, Google


Brice Menard

Astrophysics, Hopkins

Brian Robinson

Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)

Former Hopkins students

Bachelor students

Neha Nandiwada, CS & CogSci’22

Ajay Ananthakrishnan, Neuroscience’22

Jiayu Shao, CogSci’23

Adyant Balaji, CS & Neuroscience’22

Master students

Wanyi Guo, Graduated 2020

Feikai Lin, Graduated 2021

Administrative Support

Sarah Ciotola and Chamera Sampson are helping us (and other groups) with administration.