Cognitive Neuroscience and Deep Learning Group

Welcome to the Bonner Lab at the Cognitive Science Department of Johns Hopkins University, led by Assistant Professor Mick Bonner. Our research focuses on the intersection of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and computational vision. We are dedicated to understanding how visual information is processed and represented in biological systems. Our approach combines neuroimaging and computational modeling to investigate the brain’s mechanisms for vision. We utilize advanced imaging techniques and deep learning models to explore the complex neural and computational underpinnings of visual perception.

Our goal is to uncover the core statistical principles governing visual representation in the brain. Our recent investigations have revealed that these representations are intrinsically high-dimensional and that new theoretical perspectives and methods are needed to understand the full complexity of human brain representations. These findings challenge traditional views of neural representations as low-dimensional objects, and they have inspired new directions of research into the computational and neural underpinnings of biological vision. Our ongoing work builds on these discoveries and seeks to push neuroscience research beyond the characterization of a handful of representational dimensions and toward a more comprehensive understanding of how the human brain operates in high dimensions.

For those intrigued by our work, we encourage you to explore our website for more details or reach out to us directly. We’re always eager to discuss our research and potential collaborations in this exciting field.


7 May 2024

Prof. Bonner awarded IDIES Seed Funding Award from Hopkins.

3 April 2024

Prof. Bonner’s invited lecture at the Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute!

23 Jan 2024

Eric’s high latent dimensionality paper out in PLOS comp bio!

13 Nov 2023 - 22 Dec 2023

Prof. Bonner at the Kavli Institute for Deep Learning from the Perspective of Physics and Neuroscience workshop

5 Oct 2023

Emalie’s social action features paper accepted at Current Biology!

1 Oct 2023

Welcome new PhD students, Yash, Ray, and Ananya!

23 Aug 2023

Bonner lab gives keynote talk and tutorial at CCN conference in Oxford, UK.

1 Aug 2023

Colin Conwell joins the lab as a PostDoc!

23 June 2023

Caterina and Eric’s paper on contextual prototypes accepted at Cognition!

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